Customize your own brand of carbon fiber cylinders

Carbon fiber  cylinders

Carbon fiber wound gas cylinders are made of high-quality and efficient carbon fiber filaments, high-strength aluminum alloy liner, and first-class equipment and advanced full-winding technology. Carbon fiber wound gas cylinders have excellent properties of corrosion resistance, long service life, light weight, high strength and no breakage. At present, the gas cylinder is gradually replacing the gas cylinder of traditional metal materials, and is widely used in fire protection, chemical industry, mining, automobile industry and other high-tech fields.




Compressed Hydrogen Cylinders for Vehicles

The compressed hydrogen aluminum liner carbon fiber wound gas cylinder for vehicles is mainly used in hydrogen fuel cell city buses, logistics vehicles and passenger cars. Product design and manufacture have reached the international first-class level and meet the requirements of domestic and foreign standards. The compressed hydrogen aluminum liner carbon fiber wound gas cylinder for vehicles has excellent performances such as high pressure bearing, light weight and corrosion resistance. The working pressure is 35-70MPa, and the specifications are complete, which can be customized according to customer needs.






Ultra-light aluminum liner winding bottle for hydrogen fuel cell drone

The high-pressure hydrogen storage aluminum liner for drones is fully wound gas cylinder, which is the key energy storage device for the hydrogen supply system of hydrogen fuel cell drones. The weight of the ultra-light series developed by our company reaches 50% of the conventional series, which is lighter and lighter Safety. The designed working pressure of the product is 35~70MPa, and the volume is 2.5L, 3L, 3.5L, 9L, 12L, etc.