GURLLEU PCP TANKS FOR AIRGUNSWhen it comes to PCP tanks for airguns, you have two options: aluminum and carbon fiber.  Aluminum tanks are affordable and reliable, while carbon fiber tanks are lightweight and visually appealing.  Consider your preferences, budget, and shooting needs when choosing a tank.Aluminum tanks offer a cost-effective solution for most airgun enthusiasts.  They come in two types: flat bottom and round bottom.Flat Bottom (220cc to 450cc): Offers stability and reliability. Round Bottom (220cc to 450cc): Provides a more ergonomic grip.Carbon fiber tanks offer enhanced maneuverability due to their reduced weight. They provide precise control of projectile velocity for accurate shot placement.Buddy Bottles (220cc to 700cc): Compact and lightweight, they can provide extra shots before needing to refill. Backpackable Tanks (1.1l to 2l): These tanks are easily carried in a backpack, making them ideal for longer shooting sessions. Large Capacity Tanks (3l to 9l): Designed for extended shooting sessions or specialized purposes, these tanks provide more power and shot capacity.Should I choose CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) or compressed air?How should cylinders be stored properly?GURLLEU-your ultimate carbon fiber solution