GREAT WHITE 98 Cu Ft Carbon Fiber Tank & Valve Kit

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4500psi High Pressure Air Tank Valve Gauge with Integrated Valve Set (Type): SET①

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  • Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder
  • 98 cu. ft. capacity/ 9L
  • 4,500 psi max pressure
  • DOT/CE-approved
  • 13 lbs. dry weight
  • 7.5" wide
  • 25" tall to top of valve
The GURLLEU 9L DOT Certified Carbon Fiber Charging Tank Kit is a premier choice for airgun enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance and durability. This charging tank stands out as one of the largest tanks available on the market, boasting a significantly lighter weight than traditional steel scuba tanks. With its cutting-edge carbon fiber construction, this tank offers a remarkable maximum pressure capability of 4,500 psi, providing ample charges for your PCP airgun and extending your shooting sessions.
Equipped with a generous 98 cu. ft. capacity, this tank is designed to deliver a superior charging experience for your 3,000 psi airguns. The three valve kit options enable you to customize your setup according to your preferences. Whether it's for pest control, target shooting, or competitive endeavors, this tank ensures a seamless process for refilling your air rifles and pistols. Experience the convenience of simple fittings and elevate your shooting performance with ease.
Ideal for shooting teams and individual enthusiasts alike, the Carbon Fiber PCP Charging Station offers an impressive average of over 40 fills, making it a reliable choice for various shooting venues. Based on a 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder starting from a reservoir pressure of 1,500 psi, you can expect approximately 42 charges. Moreover, for an empty 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder, you can enjoy more than 20 full charges. Please note that the total number of fills may vary based on the maximum charging capacity and the reservoir size of your specific gun(s).
This tank adheres to a 5-year retest cycle and boasts a remarkable 15-year life cycle, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Before making your purchase, we recommend reaching out to your local air supplier to confirm their ability to fill this tank. Rest assured that your local dive shop will have the necessary expertise to facilitate the filling process for your convenience.
Elevate your airgun experience with the GURLLEU 9L DOT Certified Carbon Fiber Charging Tank Kit - the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, uncompromising performance, and unparalleled convenience.


Max Fill Pressure

Air Cylinder Size

# of Full Fills

Air Arms S510 XS Carbine

3625 psi

186 cc

30 fills

Air Arms S510 XS Xtra

3625 psi

288 cc

19 fills

Air Force Aluminum Cylinders

3000 psi

490 cc

28 fills

Air Force Carbon Fiber Bottle

3625 psi

475 cc

10 fills

Air Venturi Avenger

4350 psi

180 cc

4 fills

Benjamin Marauder Rifle

3000 psi

215 cc

53 fills

FX Impact Compact

3625 psi

300 cc

14 fills


3625 psi

480 cc

9 fills

FX Maverick Sniper

3625 psi

580 cc

7 fills

Umarex Gauntlet

3000 psi

213 cc

33 fills

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4500psi High Pressure Air Tank Valve Gauge with Integrated Valve Set (Type)